The Pastries

Puerto Rican puff pastries are to Puerto Rico what biscuits and gravy is to the South. Comfort food. These specialty puff pastries will satisfy your sweet tooth every time.

What is a quesito? Imagine rich cream cheese wrapped in a warm, melt-in-your-mouth crust, drizzled with a light honey glaze. Now imagine eating just one.

We can't either.

Since we specialize in Puerto Rican comfort food, we bake other delectable Puerto Rican pastries too. We can make peach pillows, stars, and guava pastries.

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a quesito which is basically the same thing!

- Hecda Leon

The Person

Evelyn Lugo founded Palms and Pastries to continue the legacy of the quesito.

She recognized the value of knowing how to make a product exclusive to her homeland of Puerto Rico. Since quesitos are a specialty pastry, she took classes to learn how to make them and finally perfected the art. Through Palms and Pastries, she hopes to preserve the quality of these sinfully sweet confections.

The Process

Making quesitos is an art. Evelyn does everything by hand, from selecting ingredients and locating the specialty glaze unique to Puerto Rico to carefully filling and wrapping the pastries.

Once you submit your order, we turn the oven on and create exactly what you want in the number you want. Then we package them up and ship a little taste of Puerto Rico straight to your doorstep.

Our process is extremely customizable. Once Evelyn receives your order, she will send you a customized quote. If you aren't sure what you need, tell us that in the order form. Then we can offer you personal suggestions and prices. Everyone's needs are different, and we want to work with yours.

To get started with your personal quote, click below to fill out the simple form.

I love them because they are light, airy and crunchy, and you also get to enjoy the delicious natural fruits filling. For all that, they're my favorite dessert!

- Carmen Herrera